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Child Counseling

We help children and adolescents to express themselves, work through problems, try different solutions, and learn more effective methods to cope with life’s difficulties.  We also help families learn to support their children and provide an environment suited to their child’s growth and happiness.

A Tailored Approach

We customize the treatment to meet the needs of the child. We use various types of play therapy because play is the language of children.  

Support for Families

We offer family sessions to illuminate the experiences–past and present–which contribute to the particular difficulties of the child or adolescent.  We also offer a safe space for thinking and reflection.  Parents remain the most important people in childrens’ lives and we offer parenting skill training to teach parents how to be more involved with the child in a healthy way, and we provide ideas for becoming a better parent.

We Can Help

We can help resolve many of the problems that children face including


Social Difficulties

Transitional Adjustments


Family Conflicts




Developmental Delays

And more

Unlimited Phone Counseling

Help is only a phone call away.  Ask questions about how to deal with problematic situations immediately and get the answers you need to ensure a peaceful household and happy child.  Ask about our Concierge Service.

Spanish & English

We provide counseling in both English and Spanish and understand the cultural differences.

Immediate Support

We understand the importance of solving problems promptly, so we offer weekend, day, and night appointments.

Flexible Payments

We offer you the option to pay per session or for several sessions at a time.

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