Hanny Hausmann

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Desde 1993 Hanny Hausmann ha estado trabajando como terapeuta de niños y familias.  Hanny entiende el idioma de los niños e integra adecuadamente diferentes modalidades de tratamiento . Su estilo innovador y su naturaleza genuinamente calida y afectuosa hace que rapidamente el paciente se sienta comodo de resolver una gama de problemas emocionales.  

Nacida en America del Sur hace que entienda las dificultades que pueden crearse como resultado de la migracion a los Estado Unidos.  Hanny se graduo Cum Laude de la escuela de Sociologia de la “Universidad Catolica Andres Bello” en Venezuela en 1981y se graduo Cum Laude del master de Psicoterapia de la Universidad Santa Clara, California en 1991. Hanny tambien recibio un premio por la publicacion de el libro “El Nino, Futuro Ciudadano.”



Master of Arts in Counseling, 1992-1995
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.  Graduated Cum Laude G.P.A 3.98 

Bachelors of Art in Sociology, 1975-1981
Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated Cum Laude.

Work Experience

Child and Family Therapist
2001 – Present
Aventura Counseling Center Aventura, Florida

Child Therapist
Children’s Psychiatric Center. Miami, Florida

Child, Adolescent Therapist
The Child, Adolescent & Family Center. Boca Raton, Florida

Co- leader in Group Therapy
Summer 1993
Group therapy for children of alcoholics “Kids are Special,” San Jose, California

Independent Writer
Writing and publication of the book El Niño, Futuro Ciudadaño (“The Child, Future Citizen”).
The book presents creative strategies for teaching social studies to children. Editorial Monte Avila, Caracas, Venezuela.  Municipal Award 1993

Social Studies Elementary Teacher
Centro de Educación Activa, Maria Montessori, Caracas, Venezuela.
Creation of a new curriculum for the social studies program.

Methodology Teacher
Psychiatric Department, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela

Administrative Assistant
Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela.
Evaluation of the admissions process.
Implementation and review of short courses given prior to admission.


“Functioning of Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in Different Communities” in Research in Education magazine.

El Niño, Futuro Ciudadaño (“The Child, Future Citizen”).  Municipal Award 1993.

Specialized Training

• Psychoanalytic approaches to working with children with autistic spectrum disorder, September 2014
• Families coming out: clinical frontiers of LGBTQ parenting, September 2014
• Bully-proofing made easy, December 2013
• High functioning autism spectrum disorder, October 2013
• Diversity: embracing diversity in the workplace, July 2013
• Brain based strategies to help children handle emotions, July 2013
• Children with trauma and attachment disturbances: healing the most challenging children, July 2013
• Late, lost and unprepared: Executive dysfunction and the disorganized child/adolescent, June 2013
• Resolving chronic misbehavior at school and at home, June 2013
• Parenting skills, July 2012
• Psychoanalytic perspectives on adoption, June 2011
• Making a difference in patients’ lives: emotional experience in the therapeutic setting, April 2011
• Interpersonal treatment of eating disorder, January 2011
• On touching and being touched: shame and tact in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, December 2010
• Neuroscience and intersubjective systems theory, October 2010
• Love and hate in the therapeutic setting, September 2010
• Attachment, metallization and their role in clinical process, February 2010
• On listening and talking with children an adolescents. February 2009
• Sensuality, sexuality and shame in the clinical setting February 2008
• An intersubjective and existential approach to emotional trauma. December 2008
• The association for play therapy: 24th international conference, October 2007
• News from dreamland: on dreams, shamanism and psychoanalysis. April 2007
• Sexual abuse and trauma December 2006
• Dual disorder December 2006
• The heart of addictions. September 2005
• Pathways through adolescence June 2004
• The power of play in the therapeutic relationship, June 2004
• Mind and Body Pathology with Lenore Foehrenbach, March 2002
• Building Your Private Practice with Sandra Haber, February 2002
• Reflections of Changing Views of the analytic process and a case Presentation of an Adolescent with Theodore Jacobs, March 2002.
• The Psychodynamic Treatment of Families and Adolescents with Edward Shapiro, January 2002.

• Interpersonal Trauma and Play Therapy with Helen Benedict, January 2002.

• The Changing Face of Eating Disorders with Paula Levine December 2001
• Women and Power: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Women in Relationships, groups and hierarchies with Otto Kernberg, December 2001.
• Practice Friendly Supervision with Catherine Waltz, November 2001.
• Brief Therapy with Challenging Children and Adolescents with Matthew Selekman, November 2001.
• El Amor en la Pareja y el Malentendido entre los Sexos con Graciela Brodsky, Sociedad Psicoanalitica Lacaniana, October 2000.
• Play Therapy with Abused Children with Dana Couch Davis, October 2000.
• Coping with Lost Relationships with Erna Furman, April 2000.
• Annual Meeting. Association for Child Psychoanalysis. April 2000.
• Fear of Intimacy: Challenging the Barriers to Closeness in Relationship with W. Firestone and Joyce Catlet, March 2000.
• Training Gestalt and the Resistant Client with Larry Malby, March 2000.
• A New Perspective: Treating Children as Part of the Reflecting Team with Evan Logun, February 2000, Empowerment skills for trauma survivor with Priscilla Marotta and W.B. Tollefson, January 2000.
• What Psychoanalysts Say and Do: Comparative perspective on clinical attention with Elliot Adler, October 1999.
• Children, Loss and Bereavement with Nancy Boyd Webb, February 1998.
• The Infancy and Early Childhood Advanced Training Course with Stanley Greenspan, April 1998.
• Object Relations. Couple and Family Therapy with Jill Savege Scharff, March 1997.
• Clinical Workshop with Cloe Madanes, September 1996
• The Spirit of Latino Culture in family therapy with Harry Aponte, March 1996
• Psychoanalysis Today: The Widening Scope of Theory and Technique with Fred Pine, January 1996.
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adults with Russel A. Barkley, November 1995.
• Normality and Pathology of Love Relations Treating High Conflict/Low Motivation Families with Acting out Youth with Otto Kernberg, February 1995.
• Working With the Families of Children and Adolescents With School Related Problems with Andrew Fussner, January 1995.
• Use of Play Therapy with Children and Their Families with Eliana Gil, December 1994.
• Psychotherapy With Children: A Gestalt Therapy Approach with Victoria Oaklander, November 1994.

Organization Memberships

• Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology (SEFAPP)
• Florida Association for Play Therapy
• American Psychological Association
• American Counseling Association
• Association for Play Therapy
• Florida Mental Health Counseling Association


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